Third Town Hall

Our third Town Hall was held on Monday 19 October 2020 7-8pm. Our topic was “Democracy in the time of Covid: Time for a health check?”

We were privileged to host The Honourable Anthony Whealy QC and Saffron Zomer.

The session can be viewed on our YouTube Channel.

Anthony Whealy QC

Anthony is held in high esteem as a lawyer and judicial officer, a former Justice of the Supreme Court of NSW Court of Appeal and a sought-after mediator. He now chairs The Centre For Public Integrity which is an independent think tank dedicated to preventing corruption, protecting the integrity of our accountability institutions, and eliminating undue influence of money in politics in Australia.

The Centre For Public Integrity collaborates with academic experts, legal practitioners and retired judges to conduct research on critical integrity reform.

Saffron Zomer

Saffron is a lawyer, campaigner and political strategist with more than a decade of experience leading law reform campaigns. Prior to the Australian Democracy Network, Saffron was Government Relations Manager at the Australian Conservation Foundation. She spent several years living and working in the US, where she held a range of campaign and government relations roles.

In 2017, Saffron co-founded and led the Hands Off Our Charities Alliance which secured critical changes to 2017 Electoral Act amendments to protect the rights of civil society organisations to engage in advocacy.

The Australian Democracy Network is a collaborative project of the Human Rights Law Centre the Australian Conservation Foundation, and the Australian Council of Social Service.

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