Kitchen Table Conversations

You’re Invited!

In fact, everyone in Wentworth is invited to host or attend a Kitchen Table Conversation.

But what pray tell is a KTC? Why, thank you for asking!

Kitchen Table Conversations (KTCs) evolved in the homes of our country cousins in the electorate of Indi, regional Victoria. A pro-active group of people were becoming a little frustrated, as they had issues and concerns but weren’t confident their representatives were listening to them.

So the clever ones decided that if they created a series of informal catch-ups in their homes, encouraging all members of the community to openly share their concerns, they could gauge what people really care about.

They then took it a step further and collated all of this first-hand information into a report, and gave it to their representatives as an easy-one-stop-shop of community concerns to respond to.

Hello, democracy in action!

We love this concept and are following our friends in Warringah, Mackeller and other communities to make KTCs happen in our wonderful electorate of Wentworth.

Now while most of us in Wentworth may not have large kitchen tables to hang around, we may have a kitchen bench, a living room or an outside spot, where we could come together to talk about what’s important to us.

These informal gatherings avoid the hairy topics of who we vote for (that’s your business) and no one has to agree on anything (consensus shmensus). What we do discuss are the issues and concerns that are important to us as individuals living in the electorate of Wentworth.

And here’s the thing – there are loads of them! Some of us care about housing affordability or public transport, others will care about the rights of Indigenous Australians, climate change and our local schools, many will care about health, aged care and hospitals while others will care about overdevelopment, traffic congestion, our beaches, parklands, harbour….and so on.

We all care – and if we collectively get our cares on the table, then we will be heard.

Sounds good? Contact us and we will send you more details on hosting or attending. Thank you!

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