Find your voice

If you are a Wentworth voter, we want to hear from you. Your views, experiences and insights are important. We know that life is busy and it can be hard to prioritise the time for engaging in democracy. But there has never been a more important time for us all to play our part.

In a representative democracy, all voters should have the opportunity to be heard and fairly represented on the issues they care about in our Federal Parliament. We hope that this forum will be used as a tool to promote democracy, accountability and transparency.

The aim is to encourage voters to get together, discuss issues affecting them and their communities and provide specific feedback to our MP. All Wentworth voters are welcome to contribute to the feedback.

Unfortunately, social media forums can be unsafe and highly politicised spaces. Our aim is to focus on local and direct collaboration within communities, full and free discussion of the relevant issues, accountable follow up and the provision of written and detailed feedback to our MP.

In this way, we hope to promote a respectful and productive dialogue and encourage better engagement between our MP and a wider range of voters in the electorate.

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